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Gordon James Ramsay (born November 8, 1966 in Johnstone, Scotland) is a chef, restaurateur and British.

Also presenter of several programs dedicated to the kitchen or catering to television like “The F Word”, “MasterChef” or the famous TV show “Kitchen Nightmare”, he is one of three chefs who have been given three stars once by the British edition of the Michelin Guide. In 2006 he was made a Member of the Order of the British Empire (OBE).


Gordon Ramsay was born November 8, 1966 in Johnstone, a town in the outskirts of Glasgow, in Renfrewshire, Scotland. His father is a versatile worker dreams of becoming a country music singer, her mother about her exercising the profession of nursing. In 1976, the family left Scotland a hard hit by economic crisis and moved to Stratford-upon-Avon in the West Midlands.

The boy early interest in football and soon to make a name at the regional level, so that at the age of 12 it is proposed to integrate the local team in Warwickshire. However, his sporting career is in question two years later after a serious knee injury.

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A few years later, after having considered including the Royal Navy, the young Gordon incorporates a hotel school where he learns the ropes of leadership.

At the age of 19, Gordon Ramsay is committed to Wroxton House Hotel, before heading to the capital. In London, he worked at Harveys with celebrity chef Marco Pierre White, renowned for his strong character. He remains at his side for almost three years, before expressing the wish to study French cuisine. To do so, his employer recommends to the Chief of French Alain Roux, which is a French restaurant in London, “Le Gavroche.” After a year working at his side, it calls on Gordon Ramsay to come and assist at the “Hotel Diva, a four star hotel Isola 2000 ski resort in southern France. Following this experience, he moved to Paris where, recommended by his mentor, he found work with Guy Savoy and Joel Robuchon, two great names in haute-cuisine French. He worked three years with them before trying a new experience as a chef on a yacht based in the archipelago of Bermuda. He will officiate on this luxury boat – the “Idlewild” – during a year.

In 1993, he returned to London where he was asked to lead the restaurant La Tante Claire. Some time later, his former employer, Marco Pierre White, he proposes a partnership with him, he offered to lead the restaurant “Rossmore” and 10% share of the property. Renamed “Aubergine”, the restaurant gained some notoriety, culminating in a first Michelin star only fourteen months after it was taken over by Gordon Ramsay. In 1997, the leader gets his second star. However, only a few months later, a dispute led Gordon Ramsay to cease their partnership and to open his own establishment, called “Gordon Ramsay at Royal Hospital Road. In 2001, he won his third Michelin star.

His fame growing up, Gordon Ramsay gets funds that allow it to open several other restaurants. The first is the “Amaryllis” in Glasgow – he sold some years later – followed by “Gordon Ramsay” in the heart of London. Little by little, he is a true empire, opening a restaurant in Dubai, the “glass”, then two more in Tokyo in 2005, “Gordon Ramsay at Conrad Tokyo” and “Cerise by Gordon Ramsay.”

In 2006, Gordon Ramsay sets out to conquer America, opening its first restaurant in New York: “Gordon Ramsay at the London ‘followed in 2008 by the” Gordon Ramsay at the London West Hollywood in Los Angeles. In 2007, the Chief Ramsay opens his first European settlement outside of the United Kingdom, “Gordon Ramsay at Powerscourt ‘in Wicklow, Ireland. He was followed in 2008 by the restaurant “Gordon Ramsay at Trianon Palace in Versailles. In 2010, Ramsay is expected in the kitchens of the Savoy Hotel for its reopening.


Alongside his career as a chef, Gordon Ramsay is also famous for his many television performances.

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Source: en.wikipedia.org

In 2004 appears on the screens of the private television channel, Channel Four series “Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares,” released in the U.S. on BBC America and back in France on W9 and Cuisine.TV chains under the name “Nightmare kitchen. ” Far from being a cooking show, this is a program designed to assist restaurant owners in need.

The same year, the channel ITV1 is broadcasting the program “Hell’s Kitchen” in which the leader seeks to train young cooks. The success of the show in Britain led FOX to propose a similar concept to the American public. Hell’s Kitchen is also aired on TMC.

In 2005, Gordon Ramsay begins filming the series “The F Word” on Channel Four also in the U.S. on BBC America. In 2007, the program is included under the same name in France. This show mixes recipes, which are made by the head for a panel of celebrities. Two clerks assist him in his task: each episode, one of them was fired, the winner may pursue an apprenticeship in a restaurant he owned. In rare cases, two clerks are thanked. Meanwhile, the show is interspersed with informative chronic or gastronomic. In one of them, Gordon Ramsay attempts a farm in his own house during the first season, he raises turkeys, each named by the name of a great leader, during the second season, it ‘s tries to hog farming.

In 2008 launched a new cooking show on Channel Four: “Gordon Ramsay Cookalong Live,” while a reality TV show, called “Gordon Ramsay: Uncensored” is launched on Channel 7 in Australia. In 2010, Gordon Ramsay is time producer and judge in the U.S. version of the show “MasterChef”.