Dive into the culinary world with Gordon Ramsay’s Sea Bass Pepper Sauce Recipe, a dish that made waves on the acclaimed show, The F Word. Embark on this cooking journey with me, and don’t forget to catch the video at the end for a visual feast that will guide you through the nuances of crafting this exquisite dish.

For the Pepper Sauce:

Start by finely slicing the bell pepper and shallots. In a sizzling pan with coconut oil, toss in the peppers and shallots, sprinkle in star anise, and a dash of salt. Stir vigorously and let it sauté until the peppers begin to wilt. Introduce whole basil leaves, then gracefully blend in white wine vinegar and vermouth. Let it simmer on a gentle flame until the liquid nearly evaporates. Add water just enough to half-submerge the peppers and boil until it reduces by half. Transfer everything into a blender and blitz it into a smooth sauce. Remember, holding the blender lid with a dry towel is a Ramsay hack to avoid any kitchen disasters.

For the Sea Bass:

Position the sea bass on a board, skin facing you. Make incisions half an inch apart along the fillet. Season each slit with salt and thyme, then anoint with a drizzle of olive oil. If you share my passion for food, feel free to tenderly handle the fillet, otherwise, you can skip this step. Heat olive oil in a pan until hot, place the fish skin-side down, pressing gently for the first few seconds to prevent it from curling. The skin side should face the heat for the majority of the cooking time, flipping only when the flesh turns pearly white. Remove from the pan once done.

To Serve:

Ladle the sauce onto a plate with a deep enough rim to cradle the sauce. Gently place the cooked Sea Bass atop, skin side facing the heavens. Circle the fish with a drizzle of olive oil. And there you have it, a dish that sings with flavors.

Hope you enjoy this Gordon Ramsay Sea Bass Pepper Sauce Recipe! 😉

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