Chef Gordon Ramsay’s Beetroot Cured Salmon Recipe


For the cure:

1 mug of salt (kosher or even sea)

1 cup associated with sugar

2 medium-sized beets, chopped and then pulverized within food processor

2 tablespoons toasted fennel seed

number of chopped dill (improvise with assorted fresh herbs as you wish)

For the salmon:

1 entire side of salmon (wild Alaskan is my fave)

1/4 cup vodka

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1 . Mix all of the remedy ingredients together in a dish until combined.

2 . Gently score the skin of the tramail. Pour 1/4 cup associated with vodka over both sides from the salmon.

3. On a big rimmed cookie sheet, place a stretch of cellophane or even parchment paper that will support your fish. Scoop a few spoonfuls of the cure on to the cellophane/parchment. Lay the actual filet on top and coating the remainder of the cure on to the salmon, covering this entirely.

4. Fold up the perimeters of the cellophane/parchment to make a neat bundle. Place a reducing board or another cookie page with a heavy can or even weight on top which will help the actual salmon seep out the dampness. Pop the whole operation in to the fridge.

5. Check on the actual salmon periodically over the twenty four hour-3 day period, flowing off the liquid when it builds up. The salmon is good to look after 24 hours but the colour will enhance the longer you allowed it cure-up to 3 times. When you are ready to serve, wash it off under the kitchen sink, and blot it dried out with a paper towel.

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