Gordon Ramsay likes to critique individuals food on Twitter.

For some time now, people have been delivering the celebrity chef photos of their dinner. And more frequently than not, their creations look like meals you might find in a Even victorian prison.

Ramsay lets the general public know. He’s never already been one to hold back. Last month, this individual insulted half of India right after dismissing a spiced lentil dish. The restaurateur resolutely stated his opinion within the ‘does pineapple belong upon pizza’ debate not long right after.

But something rare happened on Thursday: Ramsay recognized a dish. In fact , this individual liked the look of it a lot that he told the woman who would sent it to your pet to marry the prepare who’d made it.

What’s occurred? Well, Bridgett, from Huraco Raton, Florida, sent in an image of her fiancé’s saucy pork loin.

It does look great, gently glistening amid sprigs of rosemary and reduce lemons. In another pan, you can observe some less convincing asparagus and mushrooms being deep-fried.

But it’s still extremely rare for Ramsay in order to actively praise cookery. Their admiration is hard-fought. Generally, he calls you a good “idiot sandwich”. Or even worse.

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