Cooking Preparations

• In the mixing bowl, mix jointly all the marinade ingredients.
• Immerse the slices of african american cod in the marinade, handle, and refrigerate for 24 hours.
• The below day, place all the liquefied glaze ingredients in a gravy pan and heat about medium until reduced by simply approximately half.
• Add spread to glaze and set away.
• Place marinated cod pieces on baking tray coated in baking paper.
• Pre-heat oven to 180°c.
• Make for 9 minutes.
• Take away from oven and shine with prepared Japanese barbecue glaze.
• Place back in the cooker for 1 min permitting the glaze to caramelize.
• Serve with green papaya salad and lime pitching wedge seasoned with togarashi liven.


• 110g black cod fillet, sliced

For marinade:

• 100ml sake
• 100ml sugar
• 100ml sweet white miso
• 50ml mirin (sweet cooking sake)
• 5g yuzu zest

For the glaze:

• 50ml japanese bbq grill sauce
• 10ml sesame olive oil
• 10ml soy sauce
• 5g butter

For the garnish:

• Lime scale wedge seasoned with togarashi spice (Japanese 7 piquancy mix)

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