Cooking Instructions

• Combine the short rib ground beef mince with the other elements in a bowl.
• Using your palms, mix the ingredients into a couple of patties.

For the chimichurri mayo:

• In a bowl, mix each of the ingredients together so that they are usually combined well together.
• Put extra seasoning, if necessary, and taste.

To prepare food the burger:

• Cook typically the burger on a pre-heated grilling or griddle for 4-5 minutes on each side, or maybe until done.
• Toast often the burger buns under the bbq grill for a minute, before incorporating a slice of Monterey Jack to each burger in order to complete the burgers off beneath the grill.
• Top the fried chicken with the chimichurri mayo, any slice of tomato and also gherkins.

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Burger combine

– 200g prime rib as well as short rib mince
– just one tbsp of salt
– one tbsp of ketchup
– a single tbsp of ground salt

Burger toppings

– Two cheese pizza buns
– One salad tomato, sliced
– Handful of gherkins
– Piece of Monterey Jack dairy products

Chimichurri mayonaise

– 1/2 teaspoons crushed chillis
– Pinch involving dried oregano
– 2 tbsp paprika powder
– 100ml wine vinegar
– 1 bulb connected with finely chopped garlic
– One particular onion, finely chopped
– 75g parsley, finely chopped
– 50ml lemon juice
– 200ml plain mayo

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